Frynge, one of the group Co-leaders in the hidden "Matrix Room"

Welcome to the Time's Edge Wiki[edit | edit source]

This wiki exists as a means of tracking "In Character" information for a gaming group, formerly of City of Heroes. The non-canon lore belonging to this group is quite extensive, and hopefully entertaining. Eternally under construction!

Villain info fits here also. You know... Praetorians too, I guess. We can't let ourselves be accused of discriminating against dimensional imigrants or something, right?

City of Heroes might be gone, but the game continues...

Points of Interest![edit | edit source]

You might start by checking out the Character List, if you're looking for information on characters done by a particular player. Here's a link for villains too. Since we can't discriminate. Even if they're jerks.

There's a category of unique races. Even though it's short for now, there's some interesting reading there. The list of plot arcs gives an idea of what the storylines are like.

Every entry has a rating of just how dangerous they actually are, ranging from Local-level threats to Cosmic-level threats. Local-level threats will not have a tag for threat level.

Time's Edge has evolved! With the loss of our beloved City of Heroes, we've moved onto a D20 inspired Campaign in preparation for eventual migration to City of Titans when it comes out in a few years. Here's some info on creating a character!

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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